Personal Documentaries
This a small selection of short personal documentaries created over the years.
A film about the Persian Tar and its history, as told by one of its makers, Saeid Pirjamali, who is based in Seattle, Washington. Discover more about the Tar and the Setar at
A Mother's Day mini documentary about the connection we make to our Mothers. Based on an unscripted personal history from Debra Rapoport who recalls her mother, Gladys, and how they shared the love of makeup. 
This is a little video I made at of The Portland Pugfest that took place May 18th, 2014 at Portland Brewing Company. It is a charity fund raising event to benefit the Oregon Humane Society. 
A short little film about ELECTRATHON. Battery powered carts in a marathon in which the winner is determined by how far you go in a certain time with a given amount of battery power.
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